Hyatt Promo for QEC Mardi Gras Gala

The Hyatt is offering a special rate of 700rmb net per room based on double occupancy including 1 or 2 breakfasts. This rate is only available for the night of the Qingdao Expat Charity Mardi Gras Gala, Saturday, March 18th. King (1 bed) or Twin (2 single) room available plus breakfast for 2. Kids under 5 free. Kids 5 – 12 years old at 50% discount. Max of 2 kids. Complimentary rollaway will be offered subject to availability. Reservations can be made through Carolyn at phone 13573230784.
凡参加狂欢晚宴的宾客,可预订由青岛鲁商凯悦酒店提供的,700元含双早的大床或双床房。此活动价格仅限于3月18日,青岛外籍人士慈善狂欢夜当天。订房请联系凯悦酒店:卡洛琳, 13573230784

鲁商凯悦酒店 266061东海东路88号

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