Student donations in Jimo, Qingdao

Last week, members of The Qingdao Expat Charity visited the students we support at 4 different schools in Jimo.  It was a fantastic trip, and a great chance to see the Charity’s work first hand.


Even though Jimo is only about 1 hour away from Qingdao, we felt completely removed from the big city.  It is very simple, rural and in the middle of farm land.


Lined with trees, the roads were lightly paved and the schools, like the students we met, were sweet, modest and gracious.


Currently the Qingdao Expat Charity is supporting 23 children at these 4 schools in Jimo.  The children we support came out to greet us. We learned that some of these children are orphans;  Some of parents are severely disabled; and many live with their grandparents with little to no income.

Student accepts and signs for the donation from the Qingdao Expat Charity

As a Charity organization, we give 200rmb each semester directly to the children we support.  When the money was distributed to each child, they quietly put it in their pockets and smiled.


Sometimes out of confusion, but mostly because they were quite shy.  The children sign for the money and bring it to their guardian to pay for books, uniforms and school supplies.

Charity Chairperson, Renee Dustman, handing students the donations.

It was a very rewarding day.  We felt proud to give back to the Qingdao community by way of these children in need. It’s comforting to see that the money donated is not getting lost in the middle of bureaucracy but going directly to the child.  Thank you again for your support.

Qingdao Expat Charity


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