A Teacher’s Story – Wang Laoshi

The Qingdao Expat Charity dedicates our funds to support children in need. We understand however that there are many people in need. Sometimes these stories touch us in such a way that we feel the need to share them with you.


Here  is Wang Laoshi’s story:


Wang Laoshi is a beloved 2nd grade teacher at one of the schools in Pingdu that the Qingdao Expat Charity supports.  The students and staff have been moved by his dedication and admiration for the lives that he has touched.


Planting strawberries with students.

Unfortunately this past May, when he thought he was only having a simple routine doctor visit, he was diagnosed with uremia, and immediately sent to the ICU.  Currently he is undergoing kidney dialysis with each session of dialysis costing 1,000 rmb.   He will eventually require a kidney transplant.


Below are 2 letters from his students:


Letter 1:


Translation:  Teacher, are you getting better? when can you come back? we all miss you. we started to miss you once each class begins. when the principal mentioned you in the class, we all became unhappy. Jiaxiaowen and I have been feeling unhappy since you left that day. And Yinxiangyi too. I want you to be back. Jiaxiaowen and I talked about you during recess and when we were waiting for the bus to school in the morning.


Letter 2 from a former student who is now in 4th grade:


Translation:  Sorry teacher Wang. I made you disappointed all the time in the past. I misbehaved. I will study harder and improve everyday in the future. I wish you, a teacher with a loving heart all the best. I really hope you would be my teacher forever. Though I am no longer in the same classroom with you, I hope I am your student forever.


Wang Laoshi is 52 years old, has a wife and a son who are both farmers in Pingdu, making less than 20 thousand rmb a year from farming.  The school, his students and his family are desperately looking for other resources to help Wang Laoshi.  Since we are not able to support him with our organization, we are passing along his story to you.  If you have 50 rmb or 100 rmb, it can really help Wang Laoshi’s chances in recovery. Below we are providing for you his personal account number for any donations. 


We thank you for considering Wang Laoshi’s situation.

With much appreciation,

Qingdao Expat Charity


Personal account number:
王善付 Wang Shanfu
中国农业银行 ,(平度巿云山分理处,)Agricultural Bank of China, Pingdu Branch
account no.6228480246070142566


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